The bond between dad and baby

Many fathers feel awkward and intimidated by the bond between their partner and infant. This makes it difficult for them to find their place in the family. If you are concerned about this situation and want to start bonding right away after the birth of your baby, follow our advice.

The art of talking to your baby

Studies have shown that babies recognize their father’s and sibling’s voices even when they are still in the womb. When they hear their father’s reassuring voice in utero, they already associate it with a feeling of comfort. When they are born, they will continue to enjoy that voice, even if it is deep and gravely. So don’t hesitate to talk to your baby even if he or she isn’t born yet. You can talk about anything and everything, tell him stories… but address him directly. Even if he won’t respond to you for several months, he’ll love the sound of your voice. Moreover, this special attention will bring him a feeling of well-being, because he feels loved. Also, when he is in your arms, you will be able to see his reactions to the change in your voice (faster, slower, higher, lower) and his interaction with you. Of course, the tone of your voice should not frighten the newborn. This communication is essential for the father-child bond.

The kangaroo method

Unlike fathers, mothers carry their child in their womb for 9 months, so it is normal that the mother-baby bond is strong. Therefore, to develop a fusional relationship with their child, fathers must make efforts. For this, there is the kangaroo method that dads can apply immediately after birth. It is the fact of sticking baby on the naked chest, it is the technique of the contact skin to skin. It is very used for premature babies. Its advantage is that baby feels warm and safe in the presence of his father. He will feel soothed and comforted. So it’s in your best interest to try this method to develop a strong bond with your child. You can nap on the couch with him on your chest.


Babies love to be massaged, but it has to be done gently. They need regular, soothing strokes. Moreover, getting a massage brings him many benefits. Indeed, it helps him to have a better digestion, to calm colics and to evacuate tensions. It also helps build a relationship based on non-verbal communication. However, the massage of newborns is not done anyhow. You can learn the appropriate methods by reading books or taking courses. Online, there are also different videos on how to massage your baby. Also think about massage oils without allergens for baby, prefer those that are natural, made in France and recommended in maternity.

The look

Just because baby doesn’t speak doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to be addressed directly or looked at. In the first few months of life, babies only focus on what is next to them. So when you talk to your baby, get close to reinforce the bond between you. If he’s on the floor or in his stroller, don’t hesitate to bring your face close to yours. Really take the time to get to know your child and observe him so that he becomes familiar with you. Be aware of anything that might catch his attention, interest him or make him react, and as you get to know him better, it will be easy for you to establish a real relationship with him.

Bath time

One way to get closer to your baby is to bathe him. If you don’t think you can do it, or you’re clumsy, or you’re afraid of hurting her, your partner felt that way when she was first bathed, but now she’s doing it just fine. Try it, and don’t hesitate to get help from your partner at first. You’ll find that baby is happy to be bathed, and it’s a magical moment you can share together every day. With practice, you’ll become more comfortable and skilled. Besides bathing, you can also take walks, play, sleep… with your child to further strengthen the bond between you.

Whether your baby is a boy or a girl, the father-child relationship is essential, and it is built with time and with the attention you give him. In fact, the quality of this relationship will have an influence on his adult life.

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