I feel completely lost!

Today I feel like writing an article that is a bit more personal. I think it will do me more good than it will do you, but I think that sometimes people might recognize themselves in my words and feel less alone.

I feel completely lost! I am 36 years old and I don’t know what to do with my life!

I feel like I’ve missed something but I reassure myself that I’m still young and that I have time to fix everything. Some people have a vocation from a young age and their path is clear. I envy them so much!

Already during my studies, I changed my path every year by following friends or just by chance. I was always afraid to make decisions and I was looking for the approval of my parents or my entourage. It’s sad to say that I don’t know myself and I don’t really know what I like.

I feel completely lost most of the time!

About 3 years ago, I made a big decision to quit my job as a bank advisor. Since that day, I have changed a lot thanks to the blog and thanks to you who read me. You have given me confidence in myself, I have become more dynamic, more sure of myself and so much more persevering. Before, I had a hard time finding qualities for fear that people would find me pretentious. Now I am proud to be gifted in different areas. I know how to put myself forward. I’m almost free from the gaze of others, I feel so much better but: I am still lost….

No matter how much I work on myself, I don’t know what I really like, what makes me tick. I run after happiness without knowing what I really want.

I have a beautiful family life but I don’t feel completely fulfilled. I am interested in many things, I have tried many things but now I am not entitled to the job center and I do not know what job to do.

I am currently working on a project that looks like a skills assessment. I really hope that it will help me.

For the moment, I’m still happy to make some money with my blog but I would love to find a job that I’m passionate about.

Sometimes I wish my brain would stop for a while because I’m always thinking, organizing, I like to live at 100 km/h but sometimes I would like to be more peaceful, to be satisfied with a quiet life.

But I can’t help it, I only have one life and I would like not to waste it by living it 100%.

I grant you that my article is a bit messy and may not make much sense to you but I also hope that some people will recognize themselves (I would feel less alone).

I also thank you for not sending me all your propositions of VDI and others after reading my article (every time I talk about it I get a lot of requests).

I thought that 2020 would be my year and the nasty virus arrived … I thought I would manage to live from my blog but now I have to persevere and see what will happen after the coronavirus crisis.

Especially tell me if you feel lost like me? And if you found your dream job, tell me which one.

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