How to maintain your trampoline in winter?

The life span of a trampoline is estimated at ten years or more, depending on the model chosen, but also on its maintenance. Hence the importance of taking care of this outdoor product, especially in winter.

Trampolines are designed to withstand bad weather and allow your children to have fun all year long. Whether it is an item purchased last year or a recently acquired model, it is essential to take care of it.

Careful maintenance of this outdoor product is essential to maximize its longevity. Here are some of the best tips for maintaining your trampoline.

Store your trampoline during the winter

To protect your trampoline from the winter cold and snow, we advise you to dismantle it and store it in a dry place. If possible, choose a sunny area.

Disassembling the trampoline and checking the springs

To disassemble the trampoline, take it apart piece by piece, starting with the mat. To do this, you need to remove the legs by boning the spring pieces one by one. If they have been buried underground, dig them up gently with a spade so as not to damage them.

Take advantage of the disassembly step to check the condition of the springs of your trampoline. If any rust appears, get replacement springs. This way, you can easily change them the next time you install your trampoline in your garden.

The user’s manual for dismantling your trampoline

If the above explanations are not clear to you, consider reading the instruction manual of your trampoline to know how to disassemble it. The user’s manual supplied with your trampoline at the time of purchase contains the instructions needed to quickly and easily disassemble your trampoline.

After disassembly, you can simply put the parts of your trampoline back in the box. If you don’t know where you put the original packaging, buy a new one or simply cover it with a tarp. When you’re done packing it, put it in your attic. You can also put it in your basement or garage.

Cover your non-disassembling trampoline

When it comes to a non-disassembling model, most owners choose not to store their trampoline, but to take care of it. If this is the case for you, here are three ways to increase its life span.

Regular Trampoline Maintenance

By taking care of your trampoline regularly, you can leave it in your garden during the winter. This way, you don’t have to worry about storage. To do this, make sure it is securely fastened to the ground. Then cover it with a protective tarp.

During the winter, snow may accumulate on the slipcover. Therefore, it is best to remove it every day lest it weigh down your cover and tear it apart. A large amount of snow can also cause rust on the springs and legs, weakening the structure.

Choosing the right protective cover

Be careful when choosing your cover. Some models are more resistant than others. For long-lasting use, opt for a PVC cover.

PVC covers prevent water from stagnating on the jump sheet and seeping onto the mat. In addition to snow, a good cover will keep your trampoline safe from rain and wind.

Be meticulous in the maintenance of your trampoline

To enjoy a safe and quality trampoline throughout the seasons, you must be meticulous in the maintenance of your equipment. We also recommend that you equip your trampoline with certain equipment, including an anchoring kit.

Check the condition of the structure

To avoid unpleasant surprises, we advise you to check the structure regularly. Among the elements to check, examine the condition of the seams. If you find even a small weakness or tear, quickly reinforce the seam to prevent it from coming loose or the tears from getting worse.

Remember to inspect the frame of your trampoline for breaks, deformations and missing parts, and replace them if necessary. The protective pad and the jumping mat should also be checked. If not, invest in good quality replacement parts for safe use.

To protect your trampoline, have your children remove any objects that could weigh down or damage the cover, such as shoes and belt buckles. Whether you choose a quality material or a low-end model, a wipe down would be welcome during and after the winter.

An anchoring kit for better trampoline stability

Practical and efficient, an anchoring kit allows you to bring a certain stability to your trampoline. It considerably optimizes the safety of use. You can continue to use your equipment during the winter without fear of wind or storm.

In addition to its design, the stability of this structure depends on the dynamism of its users. Whether children or teenagers, if the users are very dynamic and can make large and powerful jumps, the use of an inking kit is highly recommended.

For optimal use, install your trampoline in a place where it will be protected from heavy rain, hail or prevailing wind. You can, for example, place it behind a hedge.

Can the trampoline be used in the winter?

Even in winter, some children want to continue playing on their trampoline. If you live in an area where there are no problems with frost, snow and wind, you can let your little ones use it.

Plus, a few jumps on the trampoline is enough to warm up the kids on cold days. Just make sure to install the protective cover from time to time.

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