How much does a wedding in Mauritius cost?

With its paradisiacal beaches adorned with white sand, its breathtaking historical sites and its unique gastronomy, Mauritius is an ideal romantic destination to celebrate your wedding. Organizing a wedding in Mauritius will allow you to enjoy a pleasant stay under the sun, in the company of your loved ones. Why Mauritius seems to be an ideal place for the celebration of his union? What is the budget for a wedding ? How do weddings take place in this beautiful island of the Indian Ocean? Here is a small zoom on the subject.

Mauritius : A heavenly destination for your wedding

Mauritius is a place located in an idyllic setting at the doors of the sun. The landscape is divided between the beautiful beaches to enjoy the sun and the picturesque mountains for a breathtaking vegetation.

It is the ideal destination to discover a whole new culture and to organize your wedding in all tranquillity. Not only are the beaches beautiful, but the country is also full of exotic markets, enchanting lagoons and volcanic mountains unique in the world.

Many couples dream of flying to the ends of the earth to prove to the world the strength of their love.

What is the budget for a wedding in Mauritius?

The cost of a wedding in Mauritius varies according to the offers and the season, you can find the average budget by clicking on the previous link.

Looking for good plans to get married without having a huge budget? An all-inclusive package is usually proposed by the professionals.

  • The best offers include :
  • The stay, more precisely the flights and the hotels;
  • The organization of the civil or symbolic wedding;
  • The decorations;
  • Wedding photos;
  • Romantic aperitifs and dinners, etc.

The proposed prices can be customized according to the needs and preferences of the couple.

How does a wedding in Mauritius work?

There are no rules to follow for a wedding in Mauritius, everyone can choose the type of celebration of his choice according to his budget.

A wedding on the beach

A beach wedding in Mauritius will be magical. There is nothing more unforgettable than saying “I do” by the sea with coconut tree decorations. Exotic and luxurious weddings are accessible to all on this small island of the Indian Ocean.

A wedding in a hotel garden

For a country atmosphere, some lovers decide to celebrate their D-day in a small hotel garden with their relatives. Afterwards, treat yourself to an escapade in the mountains or in historic places to make the most of your stay with your other half.

A wedding on a private island

Weddings on private islands are very popular. However, it is a luxury that is not for everyone, although the rates are cheaper compared to other destinations. It’s a Mauritius wedding in a special setting just for you!

During which season to plan a wedding in Mauritius?

With its tropical climate, the island has only two seasons: the hot season which is between November and April and the southern winter season between May and October.

The austral winter is the best season to celebrate your wedding in Mauritius, with cool weather and a little bit of sunshine. With an average temperature of 25°C, you will be sure to enjoy the moment indoors and outdoors, without the risk of bad weather.

From today, book and treat yourself to a wedding and honeymoon in Mauritius to spend unforgettable moments with family and friends.

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