How can chickenpox affect children’s sleep?

Chickenpox is an infectious viral disease that manifests itself as small growths on the body. It is a disease that most often affects children, but also adults and pregnant women. In some cases, it can affect the sleep of newborns.

So how does chickenpox affect babies’ sleep? How can we prevent chickenpox from affecting newborns? We invite you to learn more in this article.

The impact of chickenpox on baby’s sleep

Chickenpox is an infectious disease caused by a virus of the herpes family (herpes zoster). It is a highly contagious virus that most often develops in infancy and affects baby’s sleep.

Study of the symptoms of the disease

This disease is transmitted by respiratory route, through the inhalation of particles ejected by infected persons, or by direct skin contact. The infection of the body by the chickenpox virus is marked by two phases during which the symptoms vary.

  • The beginning of the infection marked by a slight fever, runny nose and persistent dystonia;
  • The second phase is that of the infection itself marked by the proliferation of pimples on the body, and itching.

Effects of this disease on baby’s sleep

The sleep disorders of the child suffering from chickenpox are essentially linked to the growth of pimples and the itching on the body. Indeed, the proliferation of pimples in the baby tires him and prevents him from keeping quiet. The baby falls asleep absolutely exhausted. He wakes up after a few minutes of sleep, cries and scratches his body.

How to relieve the child of sleep disorders?

To relieve the baby of sleep disorders related to chickenpox, parents must adopt some basic but effective gestures. First of all, it is important not to heat the child’s room too much to avoid increasing the risk of itching. Then, parents must keep the baby’s room clean at all times. It is also important to wash the baby’s sleeping bag.

Finally, airing the baby’s room is one of the most important tips to limit baby’s sleeping problems. In addition, it is necessary to seek pediatric follow-up when your child suffers from chickenpox. This will provide effective medical solutions to most of your concerns.

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